Automatically plays the TetrisBattle Facebook game using AI and computer vision.
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Tetris Battle Bot

Automatically plays tetris battle using CV and AI. Written in Java.

Video of it in action

How it works

This works by using Java's Robot class to take screenshots of the game while it's happening, find the board, compute the best move to make, and move the piece to the best position. This even supports holding pieces to make the best decision.

More details

On startup, the program looks for the tetris board. After it finds it, it will only ever take a small screenshot of just the board to look for the piecies. It then samples just a corner of each cell to determine what color is there and essentially copy the current state of the board into a representation it can understand.

After this, the program tries all positions of the current piece to find the "best" one as scored by a function that determines how much better the new board will be compared to the old one. Once it has found the best position (or piece to use if it swaps the other in), it computes a list of moves to send to the window to move the piece to the right spot. These list of moves are what you see in the console on the left of the YouTube video.

The video is a little slow mainly due to recording overhead but also because the sending of keys back to the game is extremely finnicky. I tried many iterations of using large vs. small delays between key ups and key downs, but it was always extremely unreliable.