An android habit-tracking app
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An Android habit-tracking app



  • This app never sends any of your data anywhere (currently, there are no network calls in the codebase!).
  • I will never add ads to this application.
  • I will never collect or send your data anywhere.
  • If the app asks for an unexpected permission please submit an issue! It should only ask to store data locally and to send you a reminder location (see TODO below to let this be disabled).


  • Long press on a habit to enter the "edit" menu for it. This view will show a list of "events" for each habit.
  • Tap on an event's date or time to edit when it happened.
  • On the Summary page, you can tap an "archived" habit to un-archive it.

Detailed Features

  • Ability to add, edit, archive, and delete habits with customizable frequency (per week)
  • Daily push notification reminders to fill out habit status (currently at 11pm, see TODO below)
  • Summary view to track your habit formation
  • Color-coded progress bars on habits to identify which ones you're behind on
  • Ability to archive habits after they've formed, or if you want to ignore them for now.
  • Ability to tweak all logged events (in case you forget or accidentally tap)
  • Log events marked "Done" near midnight to the previous day (tunable soon, see TODO below).


  • Tests :)
  • Move DB calls off the main thread. Looks like this requires some "LiveData", but it seems tolerable on my device
  • Pagination of Summary page. Right now it returns the most recent 6 weeks, but I need to let it fetch more if you scroll to the bottom.
  • A settings page! First up: configurable reminder notification time and near-midnight thresholds.
  • Next setting up: The ability to disable notifications
  • Export to a parsable format (probably CSV?)