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This is a developer centered CMS created in Laravel 4
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Author: Dan White

This is a developer-centered CMS that I have created using laravel 4.

It includes all of the necessary files to install and test it using a xampp stack, as well as some test database seed data.


In order to install all the necessary dependencies run

composer install

Migrate the database tables

php artisan migrate

Seed the tables with some test data

php artisan db:seed

Known Issues

This is my first run at creating a fully-functioning responsive CMS in Laravel, so there will be a few problems I will be working on resolving.

  • The responsive navigation needs to be refractored to handle deeper site structures (view partials and jQuery).
  • Pagination needs to be added to the admin views for excessive records as the site grows.
  • The "Categories" need to be anchored to respective "Pages" in the admin area.


Author & copyright (c) 2014: Dan White

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