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from talon.voice import Context, press, Key
import string
from ..utils import normalise_keys, insert
from ..config import config
# Alphabet words are configurable in your config.json. default is talon_alphabet_words:
talon_alphabet_words = "air bat cap drum each fine gust harp sit jury crunch look made near odd pit quench red sun trap urge vest whale plex yank zip"
# voicecode_alphabet_words: "arch brov char dell etch fomp goof hark ice jinx koop lug mowsh nerb ork pooch quosh rosh sun teak unks verge womp trex yang zooch"
alpha_alt = config.get("alphabet_words", talon_alphabet_words).split()
alphabet = dict(zip(alpha_alt, string.ascii_lowercase))
f_keys = {f"F {i}": f"f{i}" for i in range(1, 13)}
simple_keys = normalise_keys(
"(crimp | lloyd)": "left",
"chris": "right",
"jeep": "up",
"( dune | doom )": "down",
"( backspace | junk )": "backspace",
"(delete | forward delete | scrap | spunk)": "delete",
"(space | skoosh)": "space",
"(tab | tarp)": "tab",
"( enter | shock )": "enter",
"( escape | randall )": "escape",
"home": "home",
"pagedown": "pagedown",
"pageup": "pageup",
"end": "end",
symbols = normalise_keys(
# NOTE: This should only contain symbols that do not require any modifier
# keys to press on a standard US keyboard layout. Commands for keys that do
# require modifiers (e.g. ``"caret": "^"`) should belong in
# ``text/``.
"(tick | back tick)": "`",
"(comma | ,)": ",",
"(dot | period)": ".",
"(semicolon | semi)": ";",
"(quote | quatchet)": "'",
"(square | L square | left square | left square bracket)": "[",
"(R square | right square | right square bracket)": "]",
"(slash | forward slash)": "/",
"backslash": "\\",
"(minus | dash)": "-",
"(equals | smaqual)": "=",
modifiers = normalise_keys(
"command": "cmd",
"(control | troll)": "ctrl",
"(shift | sky)": "shift",
"(alt | option)": "alt",
keys = {}
digits = {str(i): str(i) for i in range(10)}
# separate arrow dictionary for combining with modifiers
arrows = {"left": "left", "right": "right", "up": "up", "down": "down"}
# map alnum and keys separately so engine gives priority to letter/number repeats
keymap = keys.copy()
def get_modifiers(m):
return [modifiers[mod] for mod in m["basic_keys.modifiers"]]
except KeyError:
return []
def get_keys(m):
groups = [
for group in groups:
return [keymap[k] for k in m[group]]
except KeyError:
return []
def uppercase_letters(m):
def press_keys(m):
mods = get_modifiers(m)
keys = get_keys(m)
if mods == ["shift"] and all(key in alphabet.values() for key in keys):
return uppercase_letters(m)
if mods:
press("-".join(mods + [keys[0]]))
keys = keys[1:]
for k in keys:
ctx = Context("basic_keys")
"(uppercase | ship | sky) {basic_keys.alphabet}+ [(lowercase | lower | sunk)]": uppercase_letters,
"{basic_keys.modifiers}* {basic_keys.alphabet}+": press_keys,
"{basic_keys.modifiers}* {basic_keys.digits}+": press_keys,
"{basic_keys.modifiers}* {basic_keys.keys}+": press_keys,
"(go | {basic_keys.modifiers}+) {basic_keys.arrows}+": press_keys,
"number {basic_keys.digits}+ [over]": press_keys,
"tarsh": Key("shift-tab"),
"tarpy": [Key("tab"), Key("tab")],
ctx.set_list("alphabet", alphabet.keys())
ctx.set_list("digits", digits.keys())
ctx.set_list("keys", keys.keys())
ctx.set_list("arrows", arrows.keys())
ctx.set_list("modifiers", modifiers.keys())
ctx.set_list("keymap", keymap.keys())
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