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Keys List

When specifying key combinations or individual keys, use these Key Strings or their alternate forms to represent the key in question.

Alphabetical (a-z), numerical (0-9), and most keyboard symbols (comma, semi-colon, dash, single quote, etc.) characters can be used literally in a key combination string.

Key Name Key String Alt Key String Holdable Modifier
Control ctrl
Right Control rctrl
Alt/Option alt
Right Alt/Option ralt
Command cmd
Shift shift
Right Shift rshift
Fn Key (Modifier) fn
Caps Lock capslock
Backspace backspace bksp
Delete/Forward Delete delete del
Return return
Enter enter
Space space
Tab tab
Up Arrow up
Down Arrow down
Left Arrow left
Right Arrow right
Page Up pageup pgup
Page Down pagedown pgdown
Home home
End end
Escape escape esc
F1 f1
F2 f2
F3 f3
F4 f4
F5 f5
F6 f6
F7 f7
F8 f8
F9 f9
F10 f10
F11 f11
F12 f12
F13 f13
F14 f14
F15 f15
F16 f16
F17 f17
F18 f18
F19 f19
F20 f20
Keypad 0 keypad_0
Keypad 1 keypad_1
Keypad 2 keypad_2
Keypad 3 keypad_3
Keypad 4 keypad_4
Keypad 5 keypad_5
Keypad 6 keypad_6
Keypad 7 keypad_7
Keypad 8 keypad_8
Keypad 9 keypad_9
Keypad Clear keypad_clear
= Keypad Equals keypad_equals
/ Keypad Divide keypad_divide
* Keypad Multiply keypad_multiply
- Keypad Minus keypad_minus
+ Keypad Plus keypad_plus
. Keypad Decimal keypad_decimal
Keypad Enter keypad_enter
Help help
🔊 Volume Up volup
🔉 Volume Down voldown
🔇 Mute mute
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