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#Grunt Email Boilerplate

A grunt-ready HTML email template based on HTML Email Boilerplate.



  • Node.js >= 0.10.20 (install wiki)
  • Grunt-cli >= 0.1.7 and Grunt >=0.4.2 (npm install grunt-cli -g)
  • Ruby >= 1.9.3 (installers)
  • Compass >= 0.12.2 (gem install compass)
  • Premailer >= 1.8.0 (gem install premailer and, most of the time, gem install hpricot)

Getting Started

To install the boilerplate

  1. install all dependencies

  2. clone this git repo

    git clone git://github.com/dwightjack/grunt-email-boilerplate.git

  3. install node dependencies:

    cd grunt-email-boilerplate

    npm install

  4. Run the development task grunt dev and start editing email files in src folder (by default email.html and scss/_main.scss). By default, Grunt will try to open the email preview in your default browser; alternatively, preview URL is http://localhost:8000/.

0.2 to 0.3 Changes

Version 0.3 introduces several changes to included plugins, tasks and folders' structure:

  • System changes
    • Boilerplate now requires Node.js >= 0.10.20, Ruby >= 1.9.3, Premailer >= 1.8.0 and Grunt >=0.4.2
  • Files and folder changes
    • data folder moved into src
    • intermediate files (as _tmp.email.html) are now stored in a temporary folder (tmp by default)
    • build folder dist is no more suffixed with current date
  • Tasks and configuration changes
    • Updated all tasks to latest versions
    • Removed distDomain and devDomain paths in favor of dedicated hosts configuration object
    • Removed paths.images configuration
    • Boilerplate now allows multiple email files (paths.email === '*.html')
    • Removed grunt-devcode in favor of grunt-preprocess
    • Using grunt-contrib-compass watch option instead of a watch sub-task.
    • Enabled livereload feature
    • send task only allows testing on development environment. Transitory solution while looking for better integration with production environments.



This boilerplate comes with a customized version of the HTML Email Boilerplate.

Sources are located in the src folder:

  • email.html: HTML boilerplate
  • scss/: SCSS folder
    • _variables.scss: boilerplate style variables
    • _mixins.scss: mixins and premailer attributes helpers
    • _base.scss: common styles
    • _media-queries.scss: optional media queries for responsive emails
    • _main.scss: your email style
    • style.scss: glue stylesheet, don't edit it directly
  • images: source images of your email
  • inc: optional partials files (requires a render task to be set)
  • data: optional JSON files with variables (requires a render task to be set)

###Default Tasks

The boilerplate comes with some predefined tasks to cover average email development needs.

dev Tasks

This tasks runs a watch trigger for changes to sources inside the src folder and starts a static HTTP server at http://localhost:8000 pointing to the tmp folder where processed resources are store.

NOTE: This tasks doesn't apply any style inlining.

dist Tasks

This tasks creates a build from your sources. It creates a folder named dist next to src, then compiles your SCSSes and inlines the resulting stylesheet in the HTML source through Premailer. By default, Premailer outputs a text version too.

Images are optimized with jpegtran and OptiPNG.

send Tasks (was test before v0.2.3)

Extends dev by sending the compiled email to any configured recipient.

###Tasks Customization

See Gruntfile.js source for more options and customizations.

###Tips and Tricks

  1. Connecting from a machine other than localhost

By default tasks refer to http://localhost:8000 as the test URL, anyway you may connect to the test server by pointing to its IP (e.g.: or to any other registered alias.


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.

Release History

- Packages and docs updates.

- Updated plugins and workflow. See section 0.2 to 0.3 Changes for details.

- updated grunt-premailer to v0.2.0.

- bugfixes and updates, send task moved to external grunt plugin, premailer task moved to external grunt plugin. send task renamed to nodemailer, test renamed to send as in generator-htmlemail.

- better test handling. Updated dependencies.

- render task moved to external grunt plugin.

- ejs templates are now statically rendered in development stage by the watch task. Added open and devcode tasks. Fixed some issues with the imagemin task.

- compatibility with grunt 0.4+ and contrib plugins

- removed a couple of unneeded deps. Optimized server and render tasks

- Added support for ejs templating

- Debugging and polishing

- Initial release


Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Marco Solazzi Licensed under the MIT license.