A bracket completion plugin for the gedit text editor.
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LaTeX Brackets is a plugin for the gedit text editor that completes common LaTeX brackets by automatically inserting the appropriate closing bracket whenever a supported opening bracket is typed. It takes its inspiration from the bracket completion plugin that is provided by the gedit-plugins package.

To install the plugin in GNOME 2, move latex-brackets.gedit-plugin and latex-brackets.py to the ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins directory. To install it in GNOME 3, move latex-brackets.plugin and latex-brackets.py to the ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins directory. The plugin can then be enabled in gedit's Preferences.

The supported opening brackets are

  • {,
  • `,
  • $,
  • \(,
  • \[

and all sizes (\bigl, \Bigl, \biggl, \Biggl and \left) of

  • (
  • [,
  • \{,
  • \langle,
  • \lbrace,
  • \lceil,
  • \lfloor,
  • \lgroup,
  • \lmoustache,
  • \lvert,
  • \lVert.

Some of these brackets require the amsmath package.

LaTeX Brackets also provides some convenient keyboard features. If the cursor is between a pair of opening and closing brackets then the backspace key removes the whole pair. If the cursor is directly before a closing bracket then the delete key removes the bracket and the tab key moves the cursor past the bracket.