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The Leaflet Time-Slider enables you to dynamically add and remove Markers on a map by using a JQuery UI slider .

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to your normal Leaflet map.

To enable the Slider you have to pass in a layer to the SliderControl, add the Slider. The Control has to be initialized by using the method startSlider(); on the control.

//Create a marker layer (in the example done via a GeoJSON FeatureCollection)
var testlayer = L.geoJson(json);
var sliderControl = L.control.sliderControl({position: "topright", layer: testlayer});

//Make sure to add the slider to the map ;-)

//And initialize the slider

Adjust the used time property so that it fits your project:

$('#slider-timestamp').html(options.markers[ui.value], 19));

You can also use a range-slider by using the range property:

sliderControl = L.control.sliderControl({position: "topright", layer: testlayer, range: true});

If you would prefer to display only the markers at the specific timestamp specified by the slider, use the follow property:

sliderControl = L.control.sliderControl({position: "topright", layer: testlayer, follow: 3});

This example will display the current marker and the previous 2 markers on the screen. Specify a value of 1 (or true) to display only a single data point at a time, and a value of null (or false) to display the current marker and all previous markers. The range property overrides the follow property.

You can use the rezoom property to ensure the markers being displayed remain in view. Nothing happens with a value of null (or false), but an integer value will be the maximum zoom level Leaflet uses as it updates the map's bounds for the markers displayed.

sliderControl = L.control.sliderControl({position: "topright", layer: testlayer, rezoom: 10});

The Leaflet Slider can also be used for usual LayerGroups with mixed features (Markers and Lines, etc.)

var marker1 = L.marker([51.5, -0.09], {time: "2013-01-22 08:42:26+01"});
var marker2 = L.marker([51.6, -0.09], {time: "2013-01-22 10:00:26+01"});
var marker3 = L.marker([51.7, -0.09], {time: "2013-01-22 10:03:29+01"});

var pointA = new L.LatLng(51.8, -0.09);
var pointB = new L.LatLng(51.9, -0.2);
var pointList = [pointA, pointB];

var polyline = new L.Polyline(pointList, {
    time: "2013-01-22 10:24:59+01",
	color: 'red',
	weight: 3,
	opacity: 1,
	smoothFactor: 1

layerGroup = L.layerGroup([marker1, marker2, marker3, polyline ]);
var sliderControl = L.control.sliderControl({layer:layerGroup});

For touch support add:

<script src="//"></script>


Leaflet Slider is also a registered package in Bower (based on nodejs). Integrate the source in your project with:

npm install -g bower
bower install leaflet-slider


Dennis Wilhelm, 2013

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