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stack level too deep #10

nm opened this Issue January 07, 2012 · 1 comment

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Nicolas M.
Nicolas M.
nm commented January 07, 2012

When i include the carrierwave_direct gem I get the following error:

    stack level too deep

Full Trace

    carrierwave_direct (0.0.2) lib/carrierwave_direct/mount.rb:8


      uploader.class_eval <<-RUBY, __FILE__, __LINE__+1
        def #{column}; self; end

rails 3.1.0, ruby 1.9.2, carrierwave 0.5.8, carrierwave_direct 0.0.2

I'm using a standard uploader (as shown in the readme).

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

Nicolas M.
nm commented January 11, 2012

Solved it!

Don't name your string column "file". It works with carrierwave only, but with carrierwave_direct it results in a stack level error.

Nicolas M. nm closed this January 11, 2012
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