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Ruby script for generating a GNU Automake style makefile system for your arduino projects

You'll probably need to use Fedora 19 to have this work out of the box. Pull requests or github issues for other distributions / systems will thoughtfully considered.

If there's enough interest, I'll add some command line switches and more dynamic configuration of he environment. It would probably be simple to find the arduino environment rather than hardcoding it. Also, doing a git init and adding certain files to the repo would be really handy for someone that uses this regularly. Again - add github issues or send pull requests...


gem install mkduino


======== Go to the directory where your source code is(or should be):

mkduino -p
mkdir build
cd build
./configure --host=avr
make upload

Or, use a shortcut

mkduino -pa
cd build
make upload

Command line options


Usage: mkduino [options]
    -p, --[no-]probe                 Probe for stuff
    -v, --[no-]verbose               Run verbosely
    -a, --[no-]autoconfigure         automatically run and configure
    -b, --board BOARD                Arduino Board Type
        --programmer PROGRAMMER      AVRDUDE Programmer type
                                     arduino, stk500
    -o, --[no-]overwrite             Overwrite current project files
    -c, --clock SPEED                Clock speed
    -t, --type TYPE                  Arduino library type (aka variant)
    -d, --device DEVICE              Arduino programming device.
                                     Example: /dev/ttyUSB0.
    -h, --help                       Show this message

Files Generated



This cpp file is generated if there are no .cpp, .hpp, .c or .h files found when mkduino is run. It's a simple file like the one generated from the IDE.

This is where most of the configuration for automake ends up. This Automake file is initially configured for an Arduino Pro Mini, but there are some variables that can be changed in this file to customize it. Any changes made to this file will be automatically picked up by make on your next make invocation.

  • ARDUINO_VERSION=-DARDUINO=105 Define of what version of the Arduino libaries you're using.
  • ARDUINO_INSTALL=/usr/share/arduino/hardware/arduino Where the Arduino library stuff is installed. This is the default on a Fedora system
  • MCU=atmega328p Change this if you have a different supported ATMEL chip. For instance set it to MCU=atmega1280 for an ATMEL atmega1280 chip
  • ARDUINO_VARIANTS=$(ARDUINO_INSTALL)/variants/standard You many need to change standard to something else for mega 1280 and 2560 chips
  • AVRDUDE_PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 The port that make upload will try to send the code to.
  • AVRDUDE_PROGRAMMER = arduino* The avrdude programmer type. Check the avrdude documentation

There's not much to see here. This file is customized with the project name and that's about it.

Execute this file after running mkduino. This file isn't customized for each project - it's the same every time.

README, NEWS, AUTHORS, ChangeLog, config/config.h and m4/

Standard files and directories for GNU Automake. Just created, nothing is in them.


====== Every time I run the Arduino IDE I struggle to have my hands unlearn the emacs keybindings so I can do some little thing. I got really tired of it and made myself a makefile.

After bragging about my makefile prowess to my friends, they all wanted to ditch the Arduino IDE. I was embarrassed of my initial makefile, so I decided to make an environment builder for Arduino. My initial try at this projects included downloading all of the tools (yes, even gcc), building it all very similarly to rvm. That proved to be a project much too big for the typical Arduino hacker to undertake, so I quickly regrouped and hacked out this ruby script to make an automake environment.

Hopefully this enables you to use your environment of choice for Arduino hacking.


Ruby script for generating a GNU Automake style makefile system for your arduino projects







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