Basic utility to convert IRS exempt org files to CSVs
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IRS Exempt Organization File Converter

This uses csvkit's in2csv utility to parse the fixed-width files listing tax-exempt organizations from the IRS into CSVs.


  1. Download Region Files from
  2. Unzip those files
  3. Clone ffs someplace
  4. Clone this repo some other place
  5. cd into this repo, create and activate virtualenv, run pip install -r requirements.txt
  6. Run the following commands:

bin/in2csv -f fixed -s /path_to/irs_exempt_org_schema.csv /path_to/EO1.LST > eo1.csv bin/in2csv -f fixed -s /path_to/irs_exempt_org_schema.csv /path_to/EO2.LST > eo2.csv bin/in2csv -f fixed -s /path_to/irs_exempt_org_schema.csv /path_to/EO3.LST > eo3.csv bin/in2csv -f fixed -s /path_to/irs_exempt_org_schema.csv /path_to/EO4.LST > eo4.csv