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v0.07 2012.12.24
More subtasks separated.
Also releasing Task::DWIM installing all the other Task::DWIM::* modules.
Testing after installation if the required versions were installed.
v0.06 2012.12.23
Separate modules into several lists and create Task-DWIM-*
distributions for each one of them.
v0.05 2012.12.16
Added lots of modules listed in DWIM Perl for Windows
v0.04 2012.12.14
Add all the non-gui and not threaded prerequisites of Padre
Add Task::Kensho::Email
Add Task::Kensho::Dates
Add Task::Kensho::Scalability
Add Task::Kensho::Config
Add Task::Kensho::CLI
Add Task::Kensho::Hackery
Remove a few modules as they cannot be installed on Windows
v0.03 2012.12.13
Add modules from Task::Catalyst
Add Task::Kensho::XML
Add Task::Kensho::WebCrawling
Add Task::Kensho::DBDev
Add Task::Kensho::ExcelCSV
Add Task::Kensho::ModuleDev
Add self testing of all the modules
Remove some modules that were failing on Windows
v0.02 2012.12.13
Add link to public Git repository
Add CHANGES file
Fix package name to allow indexing
Added a few more modules
v0.01 2012.12.13
First release
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