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GeoScript.scala is a Scala library for simple reading, writing, manipulation, and rendering of geospatial data. It is based on the GeoTools geospatial library for Java.

Similar GeoTools wrappers are available for Python, Groovy, and JavaScript (using the ringojs platform). See for details.


GeoScript.scala is built using SBT. Follow the SBT installation instructions, and then:

sbt test

will build GeoScript.scala and verify it is working properly. You can then use:

sbt console

to launch an interactive console with GeoScript.scala loaded. Some example scripts can be found in the examples subproject. You can run them using:

$ sbt
> project examples
> run
... here SBT prompts you to choose which example to run.

Instead of the run command, you can use run-main instead. It allows you to specify the name of the program to run instead of selecting it interactively, which is more convenient for repeated runs.

There is a screencast about building and running unit tests with SBT available at .

License information

GeoScript.scala is availble under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file in this repository for details.