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🔑 gf-secrets

Secret and/or credential patterns used for gf.

Requirements ✨

Getting started 💫

Clone this repository.

▶ git clone

Then copy all JSON pattern files into ~/.gf directory.

▶ cd gf-secrets/
▶ cp -a .gf/ $HOME

See also:

  • secpat2gf: convert secret patterns to gf compatible.

Workaround ♻️

Finding for testing point with gau and fff.

▶ gau -subs [host] | cut -d"?" -f1 | grep -E "\.js(onp?)?$" | tee urls.txt
▶ sort -u urls.txt | fff -s 200 -o out/

After we save response from known URLs, it's time to digging for secrets.

Usage 💬

▶ ./

You will see stdout results in your terminal if grep recursively turns match.

Contributing 👥


If you find a general pattern for secrets and/or credentials, feel free to open pull request. 💚

License 📄

The JSON files and documentation in this project are released under the MIT License.

Tools used with this project include third party materials.

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