LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Mgt, Tile Menus and Self Registration
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LsCoreProject - Refactored

This is a major rewrite and will break the previous code. Blog has been udpated. Click here to see how to upgrade existing projects.

We are now utilizing external js code for most of the functionality. We've also moved to a namespace of itgLsHelper so that we don't collide with others.

Note: testuser needs to be registered before tiles show when running locally


Here are a few of the functions included in this file:

init - initializes the system: gets user name & permissions, imports menus

passwordValidator - setup a visual field for password entry and validation

confirmPasswordValidator - setup a visual field for password entry and validate against the password field

screens - returns an array of your screens, name, display name and methods to show them

changeButtonIcon - changes the icon class of a button

colorPicker - setup a visual field as a color picker

iconPicker - setup a visual field as an icon picker

screenPicker - setup a visual field as a screen picker

userHasPermission - does the current user have the permission assignment

userHasRole - does the current user have the role assignment

tileMenu - setup a screen/container for a predefined MetroUI type tile menu

exportTileMenusToJson - export/return a JSON object representing all the tile menus

importJsonTileMenus - import a JSON object representing a set of menus and their tiles

importIconClassList - import a csv list of icon class list

urlParameterByName - get a URL parameter by its name

fixMetadataHandlerForEtag - a fix for a known ETag issue

fixJsonHandlerForEtag - a fix for a known ETag issue

internalHelpers - bunch of functions for internal use


LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Mgt, Tle Menus and Self Registration


LightSwitch 2013 Core Project with User Mgt, Tle Menus and Self Registration

As noted in the title, this tutorial will show you how to setup a core LightSwitch 2013 project. Not just any LightSwitch project, but one that will allow User Management natively vs. having to use Web API. We'll also show you how to implement a highly configurable system that supports creating MetroUI style tile menus. Finally, it doesn't do any good if you can't deploy the application, so we will show you how with Microsoft Azure.

I know that this is a huge tutorial, again. I did try to make it a bit more manageable by breaking it up into pages vs. one humongous post. I encourage you to go through the tutorial (at least read it) rather than just downloading and running the code, there are some items that you should understand in order to have a successful deployment. Or Not :)

Here are the topics and their logical order:

  1. Create the project
  2. Add external CSS
  3. Add external scripts
  4. Update the default.htm
  5. Add LogIn/LogOut/Register/ChangePassword
  6. Create the security data source
  7. Screens for permissions
  8. Screens for role management
  9. Screens for user management
  10. Tables for tile menus
  11. Screens for icon management
  12. Screens for menu management
  13. Create a tile menu screen
  14. Create a database project
  15. How to deploy successfully
  16. Wrap up