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Wiring up Visual Studio LightSwitch with useful stuff!

lsWires is a work in progress with new functionality being added all the time. In fact we are starting a consolidation effort with all of our projects into this unified library. As with any refactoring/consolidation efforts, this may break some current implementations .

We are starting out with the following:

Enhancements to button controls/elements

Change the icon of an existing iconic button
lsWire.button.renderAsIcon Render a standard button as an iconic button
Enhancements to input controls/elements
Add character limits and realtime character count on the label
lsWire.input.updateCharacterCountLabel Update/refresh the character count on a label
Enhancements to list/table controls
lsWire.list.enableMultiSelect Enable multi-item selection on a list or table
lsWire.list.reselect Reselect a previously selected list or table item
lsWire.list.selected Get an array of entities from the selected items
lsWire.list.selectAll Select/Unselect all items in a list or table
lsWire.list.selectedCount Get a count of the number of selected items
lsWire.list.totalSelectionsAllowed Get/Set the total number of selections allowed
lsWire.list.persistSelections Get/Set a flag allowing session persistent selections
Providing checkbox functionality
Render a boolean custom control as a checkbox
lsWire.checkbox.updateTextCssClasses Update CSS class for the checkbox text
lsWire.checkbox.setText Set the text label of a checkbox
lsWire.checkbox.addCssClassForText Add a CSS class for the text label
lsWire.checkbox.removeCssClassForText Remove a CSS class for the text label
lsWire.checkbox.initializeCss Pre-initializes the CSS for a checkbox
Enhancements to Layout controls
Provides a way to render a header for a Plain Ol Layout control (POL)
Utility Helpers
Get the parent of an element that matches a tag
lsWire.utility.findParentByClassName Get the parent of an element that matchs a CSS Class
lsWire.utility.createProperty Create a LS property programmatically

The code is heavily commented along with full intellisense. We also have tutorials on the blog to help with learning how to implement these enhancements.

Until the code is stable and feature complete, we will avoid putting it into NuGet. Unless folks think otherwise and see the value over the risks.


LightSwitch Wires - Library to help you wire up LightSwitch to do useful stuff



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