A simple .NET library to load data from Wavefront *.obj and *.mlb files.
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A simple .NET library to load data from Wavefront *.obj and *.mlb files.


You can use Nuget to install the library.

PM> Install-Package FileFormatWavefront


To load data from a Wavefront Object File, use the FileFormatObj class:

//  Use the File Format object to load the test data.
bool loadTextureImages = true;
var result = FileFormatObj.Load("MyFile.obj", loadTextureImages);

The object that is returned is a FileLoadResult object. The object contains a property Model which is the Scene of data loaded.

Texture map images can optionally be loaded, but you can skip this if you are not going to need the image or will load it yourself (whether or not the image is loaded, a TextureMap object is still created with the image path as part of it).

The object also contains a collection of Message objects describing any warnings or errors encountered loading the file. An example of iterating through the vertices and messages would look like this:

//  Show each vertex.
foreach(Vertex v in result.Model.Vertices)
    Console.Write("{0} {1} {2}", v.x, v.y, v.z);

//  Show each message.
foreach (var message in result.Messages)
    Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", message.MessageType, message.Details);
    Console.WriteLine("{0}: {1}", message.FileName, message.LineNumber);

The Model property is of type Scene and contains the following members:

  • Vertices all vertex data.
  • Uvs all material coordinate data.
  • Normals all normal data.
  • Materials all material data.
  • Groups all objects (groups of faces).
  • UngroupedFaces all faces not grouped into objects.

Associated *.mlb (material library) files are loaded automatically. If you want to load a material library only, you can use the FileFormatMlb class in the same way as the FileFormatObj class.