Use OpenGL in .NET applications. SharpGL wraps all modern OpenGL features and offers a powerful scene graph to aid development.
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Unlock the power of OpenGL in any .NET application. SharpGL wraps all modern OpenGL features, provides helpful wrappers for advanced objects like Vertex Buffer Arrays and Shader, as well as offering a powerful Scene Graph and utility library to help you build your projects.

Example of SharpGL

Check out the Samples, they're a great place to start learning how to use SharpGL.


  1. Gettings Started
  2. Building the Code
  3. Sample Applications
  4. Documentation
  5. Credits, Sponsorship & Thanks
  6. Built With SharpGL

Getting Started

Installing SharpGL is easy, just use Nuget:

PM> Install-Package SharpGL

The Core is simply the full set of OpenGL functions and extensions wrapped and available to use.

PM> Install-Package SharpGL.WinForms

SharpGL for WinForms includes the Core as well as OpenGL controls to drop into your WinForms app.

PM> Install-Package SharpGL.WPF

SharpGL for WPF includes the Core as well as OpenGL controls to drop into your WPF app.

There are project templates available for SharpGL WinForms and WPF projects - just search for SharpGL on the Visual Studio Extensions gallery, or get the extensions directly:

Building the Code

To build the code, clone the repo and open the SharpGL, Samples or Tools solution. The Extensions solution is used for the Visual Studio Project Templates and requires additional components - you can find out more on the Wiki on the 'Developing SharpGL' page.

Sample Applications

There are a large number of sample applications that show how to use SharpGL. Check out the 'Samples' solution to see the samples that are available - they'll be documented soon.


All documentation is available on the Wiki.

Credits, Sponsorship & Thanks

SharpGL is written and maintained by me. Special thanks go to the following contributors:

  • robinsedlaczek - Code and documentation updates, tireless patience while I get through a backlog of work!



SharpGL is proudly sponsored by NDepend! Find out more at

Red Gate

Red Gate

Many thanks to Red Gate who have kindly provided SharpGL with a copy of their superb .NET Developer Bundle



Thanks for JetBrains for sponsoring SharpGL with Resharper!

Built with SharpGL

If you've got a project that uses SharpGL and you'd like to show it off, just add the details here in a PR!

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