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Space Invaders

The classic Space Invaders game written in JavaScript as a learning exercise.

No jQuery or any other third party libraries, just raw JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

See it Live:

Space Invaders Screenshot


Run on

What's there to say? It's Space Invaders in JavaScript!

Create the game, give it a div to draw to, tell it when the keyboard is mashed and that's all you need to add Space Invaders to a website.

This is a simple learning exercise, so the JavaScript is deliberate kept all one file. There's no linting, testing, CI, or anything like that. If you want to see such patterns in front-end JavaScript, check out something like angular-modal-service.

Adding Space Invaders to a Web Page

First, drop the spaceinvaders.js file into the website.

Now add a canvas to the page.

<canvas id="gameCanvas"></canvas>

Next, add the Space Invaders game code. You create the game, initialise it with the canvas, start it and make sure you tell it when a key is pressed or released. That's it!

//  Setup the canvas.
var canvas = document.getElementById("gameCanvas");
canvas.width = 800;
canvas.height = 600;

//  Create the game.
var game = new Game();

//  Initialise it with the game canvas.

//  Start the game.

//  Listen for keyboard events.
var pressedKeys = [];
window.addEventListener("keydown", function keydown(e) {
  var keycode = window.event.keycode || e.which;
      pressedKeys[keycode] = true;
    //  Supress further processing of left/right/space (37/29/32)
    if(keycode == 37 || keycode == 39 || keycode == 32) {
window.addEventListener("keyup", function keydown(e) {
  var keycode = window.event.keycode || e.which;
      delete pressedKeys[keycode];


Other bits and pieces that are useful can be dropped here.


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