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Sample application to receive and verify Dwolla webhooks
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This sample app shows how to create a Dwolla Webhook Subscription and verify its signature. See the Documentation for more details.


This app deploys a webhook handler as an AWS Lambda function via the Serverless Framework. You can deploy one to your AWS account as follows,

  1. Clone the repository and install dependencies with npm install
  2. Export environment variables for your Dwolla Sandbox DWOLLA_APP_KEY, DWOLLA_APP_SECRET, and WEBHOOK_SECRET. If you're not sure what these are, start here. The WEBHOOK_SECRET is explained here.
  3. Run npm run deploy to create the Lambda function. After the deploy, a publicly accessible HTTP endpoint is logged to the console as ServiceEndpoint. Copy and paste it into the URL variable in one-time-setup.ts.
  4. Run npm run setup to create your Webhook Subscription
  5. Run npm run create-customer to create a customer in Dwolla's API
  6. Check your Lambda function's logs for Received customer_created, body=... with npm run logs (you may have to wait ~15 seconds). It's working!
  7. [Optional] To remove the resources in AWS, npm run remove
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