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Riddle Route

Riddle Route provides an interactive tour for younger guests at Winchester cathedral. It does this by allowing visitors to find hidden QR codes located around the various points of interest . The project has proved to be a big success and is implemented for small groups of children typically visiting from schools.

A demo page can be seen here

This is a project I volunteered to help with while at university.
The project was in collaboration with a Masters student, Katya Lukjanova.

I assisted in developing the project, while Katya provided the design elements.

The code is fairly rough around the edges, but manages to do the job.

I'm in the process of reviewing my code and running it through JSHint, in the hopes to improve my JS skills.

I'm also interested in removing the jQuery dependency.

If you can offer any assistance on removing some repetitive code, please go to town!

Further info can be read here


A student project to create an interactive experience for younger visitors to Winchester cathedral.



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