Light-weight Job Scheduling on Redis, in Python
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ReSched - super simple Redis scheduling in Python

Resched is a minimal library for working with durable Queues and Schedules on Redis.

Queues: Resched has a Queue class that, by default, has a 2-stage pop. This means that when you pop something off the top of the queue, it's kept in another queue until you say you're done with it for real.

Schedulers: Schedulers let you solve the problem of having an event take place at a set time in the future. A Scheduler functions essentially like a Queue, but inserted items get a timestamp after which they become "due", and a pop operation will only return non-None when the first item's due date is in the past. This is accomplished using Redis's Sorted Set data structure, and as such is a constant time operation. It also uses the 2-phased pop convention that the Resched Queue does.

ContentType: a really simple way to store data of various types in a Resched collection: including JSON, ints, longs, etc. All casting/ parsing/ etc. is handled within Resched, so you can just throw dicts at it without having to think too much.

Built in NYC by the folks at GameChanger, in particular kiril ( /