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This file was written for release 1.6.13 of DGD, Dworkin's Game Driver.

DGD is a rewrite from scratch of the LPMud server.  It runs on Windows, MacOS
and many versions of Unix.  The source repository for DGD can be found at:

DGD's home page is at:

DGD 1.6.8+ offers JIT compiler support.  This requires the jit extension module
from <>.

DGD 1.6.13+ has experimental support for running inside a container.

Alongside DGD, there is Hydra.  Hydra is fully compatible with DGD, but offers
acceleration for multi-core systems.  Hydra also supports JIT compilation,
using the same extension module as DGD.  Learn more at:

			*** PLEASE NOTE ***
DGD 1.6 is backward compatible with snapshots from DGD 1.5.9 and later, only.
To upgrade to DGD 1.6, first upgrade to the latest 1.5.x version, recompile
all objects, and create a non-incremental snapshot.

This distribution is organized as follows:

bin		Installation binaries will be created here (Unix).
doc		Documentation, still very incomplete.
src		Where the source code of DGD resides, and where you issue your
		`make' command on Unix.
src/host/*	Subdirectories for various platform-dependent files.


The repository for DGD, an object-oriented database management system.