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chef-solr Build Status

Installs solr and starts the service.


  • default - This will install java, download solr and setup the service


  • node['solr']['version'] - Version of solr to install.
  • node['solr']['url'] - Url of solr source to download.
  • node['solr']['data_dir'] - Location for solr data and config.
  • node['solr']['dir'] - Location of the solr sorce files.
  • node['solr']['port'] - The port the solr service is bound to.
  • node['solr']['pid_file'] - The location for the pid file.
  • node['solr']['log_file'] - The location for the log file.
  • node['solr']['user'] - The user to use.
  • node['solr']['group'] - The group to use.
  • node['solr']['install_java'] - Installs Java via the community cookbook. Default true.
  • node['solr']['java_options'] - Java options, such as memory, to pass along. Default is -Xms128M -Xmx512M.

License and Author

License: MIT

Author: David Radcliffe

Inspiration for the start script from