A plugin for using plupload with rails 3
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Plupload lets you upload multiple files at a time and even allows drag and drop from the local file system into the browser (with Firefox and Safari).

This plugin tries to make its integration with Rails 3 very simple.

To install (from inside your project's directory):

rails plugin install git://github.com/codeodor/plupload-rails3.git

To use:

<%= plupload(model, method, options={:plupload_container=>'uploader'}) %>
<div id="uploader" name="uploader" style="width: 100%;"></div>

Options can be:

  • :params => A hash of params you want submitted with each uploaded file.
  • :plupload_container => The name of the div or whatever where plupload is going to render itself. Defaults to 'uploader'
  • :max_file_size => An integer indicating the number of megabytes to allow. Defaults to 10.
  • :filters => An array of hashes with :title and :extension keys specifying the files to look for. Defaults to [], which will show all files.

Example filter:

:filters=>[{:title=>'Images', :extensions=>'jpg,gif,png'},{:title=>'PDF', :extensions=>'pdf'}])

The plupload code in lib/app/views/plupload/_uploader_scripts.html.erb is from http://www.theroamingcoder.com/node/50, where I learned how to use Plupload with Rails.


In your view:

<%= plupload(@library_file, :payload, {:params=>{:library_file=>{:title=>"some title"}}}) %>

Also in the view, you'll need to tell it where to go:

<div id="uploader" name="uploader" style="width: 100%;"></div>

@library_file should be your model, where :payload is the method which holds the file contents, so that when plupload uploads the files (it hits #create once for each file) it will put the uploaded file in params[:library_file][:payload] which you can then read like this in your controller:

params[:library_file][:payload] = params[:library_file][:payload].read

Then if you're storing it in the DB, you let it continue on to

@library_file = LibraryFile.new(params[:library_file])

Copyright (c) 2011 Sammy Larbi, released under the MIT license (with Plupload and it's components using other licenses -- see LICENSE file)