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repo =
repo_branch = sandstorm-app
repo_dir = lobsters
.PHONY: all clean symlink
all: ${repo_dir}/.git ${repo_dir}/.bundle initdb.sqlite3 ${repo_dir}/read-only-cache/assets symlink
rm -rf initdb.sqlite3 ${repo_dir}/.bundle ${repo_dir}/read-only-cache/assets ${repo_dir}/public/assets
git clone ${repo} ${repo_dir} && cd ${repo_dir} && git checkout ${repo_branch}
${repo_dir}/.bundle: ${repo_dir}/.git
cd ${repo_dir} && bundle install --path .bundle --without test development --jobs 4 --standalone
${repo_dir}/read-only-cache/assets: ${repo_dir}/.bundle
cd ${repo_dir} && RAILS_ENV=production ./bin/rake assets:precompile
initdb.sqlite3: ${repo_dir}/.bundle
rm -rf db
mkdir db
cd ${repo_dir} && RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:schema:load populate_tags
mv db/db.sqlite3 initdb.sqlite3
rm -rf db
ln -s /var/sqlite3 db
# Yuck. We need to set up a symlink so that can link with in the sandbox.
# It seems that this is only necessary for older versions of nokogiri. (Lobsters uses nokogiri 1.6.1)
mkdir -p `pwd | xargs dirname | sed -e 's/^\///'`
rm -f `pwd | sed -e 's/^\///'`
ln -s / `pwd | sed -e 's/^\///'`