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Pie and Donut Chart Evaluation

This project was used in a study that used the Mechanical Turk platform to test a series of pie chart variations.

The study is built on the excellent Experimentr.js project.


The collected data file is in the analysis/results directory.

Data File

  • merged-data.csv: trial data with demographics data included on every row.
Field Name Description
subjectID Subject ID in order of completion
time_start_time-trial Unix time for beginning of the question
time_end_time-trial Unix time for ending of the question (if this is missing, it is the same as time_end_trials from the demographics data)
rotation Randomly selected rotation value showing the chart's rotation
log_error Log absolute error as reported in the paper
inner_radius Inner radius in pixels
totalSequence Position within the entire study for that participant
arc_angle_area answer to multiple choice question asking participant whether they preferred using arc-length, angle, or area in their judgements
judged_true Judged answer minus true answer
ans_percentage_diff (given-correct)/correct
opposite_ans 100 - correct_ans
chart_type Pie, Donut, Arc-Length, Area, Pie Angle, Pie Donut
ans_trial Given answer
postID ID generated by experimentr
time_diff_time Time in miliseconds that it took to answer the question
correct_ans Correct answer
age Subject's reported age group
browser Broswer
browserVersion Browser version
comments Comments
degree Subject's self-reported highest attained degree
monitor Subject reported monitor size in inches
participantCount Count of participant that launched study
postID experimentr generated ID
screenHeight Browser reported screen height in pixels
screenWidth Browser reported screen width in pixels
sex Subject reported gender
windowHeight Browser reported window height in pixels
windowWidth Browser reported window width in pixels

Running The Study

To run the project, you'll need Redis and Node.js.

To start the Redis server, run the following command from the project directory:

redis-server redis.conf

The Node server works on port 80, so it needs root access, and the project is set to use Forever.js to ensure it keeps running:

forever start app.js

Once you have the project running, you can visit localhost in your browser to see the survey.