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Apr 29, 2022

MELT - Matching EvaLuation Toolkit

A powerful framework for ontology, instance, and knowledge graph matching.

MELT is a powerful maven framework for developing, tuning, evaluating, and packaging ontology matching systems. It is optimized to be used in OAEI campaigns and allows to submit matchers to the SEALS and HOBBIT evaluation platform easily. MELT can also be used for non OAEI-related matching tasks and evaluation.

Found a bug? Don't hesitate to open an issue.

User Guide

All functionality is documented in our User Guide.
Note that you can also easily search the entire user guide: image


Matcher Development in Java

Release Version

MELT is now available in maven central and can be added as a dependency with e.g.:


Developer/Latest Version

If you want to use the bleeding edge, but don't want to build it yourself (by cloning the repository and execute mvn install in the main directory), you can use (note the change of the groupId):


for the version, you can use any release tag, short commit hash or master-SNAPSHOT to get the current development version. They are also listed directly at Furthermore, you need to add the jitpack repository in your pom file: