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The Problem

a. I want an easy way to play around with automating HomeKit and Tradfri devices from python b. I have Phillips Hue devices linked to my Ikea Tradfri Bridge - which the Hub refuses to push to HomeKit - even though it does it fine for all other devices.

Building libcoap

  • braucht asciidoc via brew
  • braucht export XML_CATALOG_FILES=/Users/dwt/Library/Homebrew/etc/xml/catalog damit xmllint funktioniert

Building / Deploying HomeKit Accessory Protocol Custom Bridge

  1. venv with requirements.txt
  2. Binaries from libcoap/examples symlinked in the bin folder of the venv
  3. Manual start of once to configure it for the tradfri bridge
  4. Manual checks of the and shell tools to check that they are working
  5. SystemD / LaunchD Services that starts

Design overview implements a custom HomeKit <-> Tradfri Bridge to push the missing Hue device to Homekit. It also allows easy triggering of custom shell scripts to add functionality to HomeKit.

Fnordlicht is just an old CCC name for a random color changing LED Project, so there.


Me playing around with my home automation






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