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General info

This project is intended to automate the procedure internal phishing campaigns via Gophish as well as avoiding the GoPhish URL being flagged by google safebrowsing. The idea is to run it completely by itself by scheduling the scripts to run in the prefered manner. This means all GoPhish campagin settings such as templates or landing pages should be considered in production since the script will choose from them randomly. We have found the sweetspot to avoid google safebrowsing is to have 250-300 users per campaign sent out over 21 days. This has been run and tested using crontab to run start script, stop script, and and using task scheduler in windows to run getusergroups.ps1 to keep your userlist updated.

getusergroups.ps1 - Powershell script to get enabled users from active directory, split them randomly to 5 different CSV files in the gophish format and upload them to an s3 bucket. Schedule to run weekly. - Shell script to download userslist CSV's to Gophish instance. Schedule to run daily.

gophish.ini - Config file - Start file. Schedule to run on prefered intervall or run manually. - Stop file. Schedule to run daily.

A few things to remember

  1. Userlist - You need to supply CSVs in the acceptable GoPhish format ( A powershell script is included to export userlists and upload them to an S3 bucket.
  2. AWS Permissions - We use several AWS services such as S3, VPC, and IAM. You will need....
    • S3: GetBucket, PutObject, ListBucket, DeleteObject
    • elasticloadbalancing: DescribeLoadBalancers, DeleteLoadBalancer, CreateLoadBalancer, AddTags, SetSecurityGroups, RegisterTargets, ModifyListener
  3. Config
    • specify s3 bucket path.
    • getusergroups.ps1 : specify OU, paths, S3 bucket path.
    • gophish.ini : specify everything.



Project is created with:

  • Python 3.9.5
  • Powershell 7.0
  • Boto3


To run this project, clone repo, install dependencies, change config, run:

$ git clone
$ install depenedencies
$ change config (gophish.ini,,


Automation for GoPhish internal phishing campaigns.






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