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This code allows developing VST plugins in Clojure based on jVSTWRapper.


The project is a proof of concept and not actively developed.


  • a 32-bit JVM
  • a VST host
  • jVSTWrapper (included)
  • clojure (included)

Installation & running

  • Follow jVSTWrapper's installation instructions.

  • Copy lib/clojure.jar, lib/clojure-contrib.jar and dist/clojurevst.jar to the folder where you installed jVSTWrapper.

  • Copy the sample config (e.g. dist/clojurevst-win.ini) to the folder where you installed jVSTWrapper and rename it according to your plugin's dll name. See for more information.

  • Copy the sample plugins from src/de/flupp/clojurevst/plugins to the folder where you installed jVSTWrapper. The plugin to be used is defined in the ini file:

  • If ClojureVSTPluginReload is set to true, the *.clj files in the plugin folder are monitored for updates and reloaded upon saving.

  • Start your VST host and load the jVSTWrapper plugin dll.


The project includes an Eclipse project file as well as all required dependencies.

Copyright Notice

  • "VST" is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

  • The code includes a copy of opaz-plugdk's ProxyTools class which provides a number of helper functions.