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  1. 💡 A Quick-start Guide for People who want to dwyl ❤️

    1.1k 79

  2. A brief introduction to Test Driven Development (TDD) in JavaScript (Complete Beginner's Step-by-Step Tutorial)

    JavaScript 1.3k 216

  3. A step-by-step complete beginner example/tutorial for building a Todo List App (TodoMVC) from scratch in JavaScript following Test Driven Development (TDD) best practice. 🌱

    JavaScript 120 27

  4. 🌈 discover the beautiful programming language that makes front-end web apps a joy to build and maintain!

    HTML 343 29

  5. 💧 Learn the Elixir programming language to build functional, fast, scalable and maintainable web applications!

    Elixir 789 64

  6. 😍 Learn how to use Tachyons to craft beautiful, responsive, functional and fast UI with minimal CSS!

    HTML 551 30

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