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DXGL 0.5.17


DXGL is a free replacement for the Windows ddraw.dll library, running on OpenGL. It is designed to overcome driver bugs, particularly in Windows Vista and newer operating systems. It also adds various enhancements to the graphics output such as display scaling and filtering options. DXGL supports the DirectX 7.0 graphics APIs, however it is currently under development and many programs are not yet compatible with DXGL.

Updgrade notes

If you upgrade from DXGL 0.5.8 or earlier, the configuration format will be changed, and earlier versions of DXGL will no longer recognize the profiles. In addition, any profiles generated by older versions of DXGL going forward will not be recognized by DXGL 0.5.9 or later. If you wish to migrate any old profiles generated after installing DXGL 0.5.9 or later, you will need to use Regedit to delete the "Configuration Version" registry value from the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\DXGL registry key to force the upgrade to be run again.

GitHub Notice

If you downloaded the DXGL source code from GitHub, please note that when compiling DXGL, the version number will not indicate the revision number. This issue is also present when compiling from a zipped source code distribution from the,, or website.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista (with SP2), 7 (with SP1), 8, 8.1, or 10 (standard build)
  • Windows XP (with SP3), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (legacy build)
    • Also compatible with most versions of Wine, by setting the ddraw DLL override to "native, builtin" which is done automatically at installation.
    • Not compatible with Windows 10 in S mode.
  • OpenGL 2.0 or higher compatible video card
    • Requires support for Framebuffer objects
    • Requires support for hardware accelerated non-power-of-two textures
    • OpenGL 3.2 or higher recommended.
  • The standard build requires a SSE2-capable processor; older processors require the legacy build.
  • For the standard build, Visual C++ 2019 x86 runtime, available at (note this link may track visitors) (will be installed if not present)
  • For the legacy build, Visual C++ 2010 x86 runtime, available at (will be installed if not present)

Build Requirements

  • For the legacy build, Visual Studio 2010 or Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition with Service Pack 1.
  • For the standard build, Visual Studio 2019, Community or higher.
  • The following components are optional. The build process will ask for these if they do not exist:
    • TortoiseSVN (to fill in revision on SVN builds)
    • HTML Help Workshop (to build help)
    • NSIS (to build installer, requires TortoiseSVN and HTML Help Workshop to succeed)

Build Instructions

These instructions assume that you do not have any of the required software installed. If you already have any or all of this software installed and set up, skip those steps.


For detailed progress information, please check What works:

  • DirectDraw object creation and destruction (versions 1 to 7)
  • Display mode enumeration and switching (with emulated mode switching)
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes.
  • Basic Blt() functionality
  • 8-bit color emulated with GLSL shader
  • Packed-pixel YUV surfaces (currently only supported by Blt() to an RGB surface)

What partially works:

  • 3D graphics are only partially supported.
  • Overlay support is currently in development and not yet enabled.

What doesn't work:

  • Many functions are stubbed out and return an error


Run the installer. When the installer completes, open DXGL Config and add your program files to the config program. To uninstall, go to the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features control panel and uninstall.


SVN readonly access is available at: Alternate URL at:

There is a Mediawiki-based SVN log at:


An AppDB system (similar to that on is now available at:

This requires a user account separate from the other services.

Please note that the AppDB is now deprecated and will be made read-only once the new DXGL Wiki launches.

Discussion boards

You may discuss DXGL at:

You must create a forum account to post content. For bug reports, please refer to the next section.

Bug reports

Bug reports are managed by a Bugzilla system available at:

A user account needs to be created at this site to post bug reports.

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