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TrackerSync is a console utility which is capable of synchronizing issues list from GitHub with a card list in Trello.

Using this utility, a developer that is hosting their project on GitHub can continue to use GitHub's issues list for keeping track of bugs and feature requests. But now the same list, can also be used to generate product and/or release backlog by using TrackerSync utility to import the issues into a board hosted on Trello, which allows the user to manipulate individual work items as easily as moving sticky notes around.

Using TrackerSync

TrackerSync.exe is a console application written in C# and has only one dependency, Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Binary distribution of this utility can be downloaded from project's download page.

In order to perform synchronization between the two databases, TrackerSync will need an XML configuration file. A skeleton of this file can be generated by running:

c:\...>TrackerSync --create-config config.xml

After the file is created, open it in your favorite XML editor and follow the instructions provided in the comments to fill in the required elements.

Once the configuration file is created, run the following line to perform synchronization:

c:\...>TrackerSync -c config.xml

For more command-line options run

c:\...>TrackerSync -? 

Building TrackerSync

To build TrackerSync, the following is required:

  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  2. MSBuild Community Tasks -- Adds useful commands (such as creation of zip files and handling version resources) for use in MSBuild scripts.

When building the project in a fresh source tree, it is strongly recommended to first build the entire project on a command line using msbuild. To do so, open Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt and run the following:

c:\...>cd Build
c:\...\Build>msbuild Build.proj /p:Configuration=Debug
c:\...\Build>msbuild Build.proj /p:Configuration=Release

Running msbuild will setup the full build environment by creating all necessary directories for binary and symbol files. Once msbuild is run once, subsequent builds of TrackerSync binaries can be done directly from Visual Studio 2010 IDE.