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Jan 13, 2016

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A site for running standard elimination style brackets.

Things you'll need to run brakkit

  • PHP 5.4+
  • MySQL/MariaDB 5.1+
  • NodeJS 0.12+ (to build static JavaScript assets)
  • memcached
  • redis

Configuration and Installing


Brakkit is set up to allow multiple front-ends to be run with a single back-end. As such, there are two config files:

  • config.php: This is the configuration for the back-end system and is primarily database setup. The back-end portion houses the api/, cache/, controller/, lib/, and images/ directories.
  • app-config.php: Configuration values for an individual front-end. The front-end consists of the static/ and views/ directories. Use app-config.sample.php to set up your app config.



To bootstrap your database, use your favorite SQL execution method of choice to run the queries in database.sql. You can do so from the commandline as follows:

mysql -u USER_NAME -p DATABASE_NAME < bracket.sql

At this point, you'll want to set the values in config.php to connect to your database.

Building Static Assets

You'll need node and npm for the following. If you don't have these, I recommend using nvm to install these on your system.

Once you've installed that (or if you already have node), run the following to build all of the static content:

npm install
grunt build

This will build the following files that you'll want to ensure are served from your front-end:

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