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A starter kit for building pico 8 apps
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Your friendly neighborhood PICO-8 starter kit


  • Automated multi-file builds with picotool and a filesystem watcher


To use pico-starter, you will need a few pre-requisite dependencies:

Yarn - Used as a task runner and watcher to automate picotool build

Python 3 - A requirement for picotool to function


pico-starter takes your src/ directory, and rebuilds the output .p8 file (default name cart.p8).


  • Before doing anything else, make sure you have installed the necessary Dependencies listed above.
  • git clone this repository.
  • cd into the repository.
  • Run yarn to fetch the external packages used.

Rebuild your cart

  • yarn run build will trigger a rebuild for your cart.
    • This looks at the src/root.lua file, and outputs your cart in the root directory (named cart.p8 by default).

Automated rebuilds

  • yarn run watch will watch the src/ directory and rebuild your cart if you make changes while developing.

Rename your cart

  • If you would like to rename your cart, simply rename the output file!
  • Note: pico-starter looks for a single .p8 file in its root directory. Having more than one will cause the build commands to fail.

Load your cart

  • At this time, pico-starter does not decide how you load your cart.
  • Some potential options could be:
    • Clone this repository directly into your carts folder
    • Hard link your .p8 into your carts folder
    • Manually (or automatically) copy it yourself
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