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Environment setup and step definitions for testing WordPress with Cucumber.

Getting started

Install the gem:

gem install cucumber-wordpress --source

Copy the examples/features/ directory into an existing WordPress installation (or plugin/theme):

cd wordpress-plugin
cp -R /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/cucumber-wordpress-1.0/examples/features .

Configure wp-config variables:

vim features/support/config.yml

ABSPATH should be WordPress' ABSPATH constant (the directory where wp-config.php is) relative to the directory you'd run cucumber in (where features/ is).

Run cucumber:



  • The WordPress installation you're testing must be being served over HTTP somehow (see WEBHOST in config.yml). Eventually I want to be able to start a Web server from within cucumber.

  • wp-config.php gets copied elsewhere and overwritten, so you can't be running this in a production environment.


  • Send me a pull request via GitHub or via email.


  • Tom Adams <>


Copyright © 2009-2010 The Dextrous Web. See LICENCE for details.