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WordPress Docs

WPDocs provides the standard WordPress documentation in a delightful search interface (rendered using RDoc).

Hopefully it's self-explanatory. Start typing the name of a function or template tag in the box at the top left to get started.

Generate your own

If you like, you can check out the code and generate a version of this documentation to use locally:

gem install rdoc
gem install wpdoc # See also: http://github.com/dxw/wpdoc
git clone git://github.com/dxw/wordpressapi.git
cd wordpressapi
git submodule update --init --recursive
bundle install
sh ./update.sh # This will check out the latest WordPress, update the codex, and generate the documentation

Then just open up doc/index.html in your Web browser.

We haven't tried accessing it locally (ie, file://) so we're not sure if that will work. Using your favourite web server is advised.

How it works

We use magick to convert WordPress's documentation to RDoc and format the output using wpdoc, our fork of the beautiful sdoc.


Written by Tom Adams (with some input from Harry Metcalfe) of dxw.

Based on RailsAPI (which is awesome).

Using GeSHi for syntax highlighting.

(Here at dxw we remain committed to backporting the Rails culture to WordPress.)