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-Copyright © 2009, The Dextrous Web
+Copyright © 2010, The Dextrous Web
Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any
purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
@@ -23,64 +23,53 @@ Configuration options:
[deploy.*.path] The path on the remote machine
[deploy.*.vhost] The HTTP hostname - sets WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL
[deploy.*.database.*] All the database settings (name, user, host, password)
+[deploy.*.modules] A list of modules that should be enabled
Before you run <tt>cap setup</tt> or <tt>cap deploy</tt>, you should ensure the path on the remote machine exists and is chmodded such that the deploy user can write to it.
To deploy to production rather than staging, for instance:
cap production deploy
-== Automagic features
-=== SASS
-If there exists wp-content/themes/*/*/sass_output.php it will be executed (from that directory) and its contents will be placed in sass_output.css. Then ../style.css will be sedded to s/\.php/\.css/, and both will be uploaded to the appropriate places.
+== Modules
-sass_output.php can be found in wp-generate's theme generator. It is very handy for development, but less server load is more good, so we "cache" it in this way.
-=== htaccess
-Uploads ./htaccess to .htaccess if it exists.
+These are configured in deploy.*.modules:
-=== wp-content/uploads
+[plugin-install] Makes the plugin directory writable by all, and creates the upgrade directory
+[shared-dirs] Copies local directory to remote machine at setup time, and makes it writable by all
+[wp-super-cache] Sets up WP Super Cache, including wp-config, and setting up the appropriate cache directories
-Uploads uploads directory at setup time if it exists, and ensures it's shared across releases. (TODO: Make this optional like shared-plugins)
+Note: Some modules are set with a string, others are set with a hash. For instance:
-=== Initial database dump
+ - modules:
+ - plugin-install
+ - shared-dirs:
+ - plugins
+ - uploads
+ - wp-super-cache
-If there's a database dump at data/dump.sql.gz it uploads that at setup time and puts it into the database. (TODO: replace this feature with a task that takes the current database and uploads that)
+== Automagic features
-=== Fixing plugins
+=== SASS
-- Makes cforms work without extra effort
+If there exists wp-content/themes/*/*/sass_output.php it will be executed locally and its contents will be uploaded as sass_output.css. Then style.css will be sedded to s/\.php/\.css/.
-=== Modules
+A sample sass_output.php can be found in wp-generate ( ).
-Modules do things which can't be automagically divined:
-- plugin-install
- - allows end-users to install plugins
-- shared-plugins
- - keeps plugins in a shared directory (for use with plugin-install - stops plugins being lost when deploying)
-- wp-super-cache
- - WP Super Cache is set up by default, and could be enabled in any release by chmodding wp-content/cache and wp-content/wp-cache-config.php appropriately and setting the WP_CACHE option to true, but this module does that for you
+=== htaccess
-== wp-generate
+Uploads ./htaccess to .htaccess if it exists.
-wp-capistrano can be used with wp-generate by doing the following:
+=== Fixing plugins
- gem install wp-generate
- cd wp-content
- wp-generate capify
+Some plugins require esoteric setups. We fix these automatically:
-Which creates Capfile and lib/config.yml.
+- Cforms
== Credits
-Code inspired by:
-== Author
-* Tom Adams <>
+[Main author] Tom Adams <>
+[Some code]
== Copyright

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