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@overpinkers @housinganywhere @AngularClass
Andrew Clark acdlite
React core at Facebook. Hi!

@facebook Redwood City, CA

Sophie Alpert sophiebits
I like fixing things. eng at humu! former eng manager of @reactjs at Facebook. ex-@khanacademy. 💎🌸 she/her. kindness, intersectional feminism, music.

Humu California

Leland Richardson lelandrichardson
Software Engineer @google working on Android. Previously @airbnb. I like learning, discussing, and diving into challenges.

Google San Francisco, CA

Surma surma
Web Advocate. Internetrovert. Craving simplicity, finding it nowhere. Engineer @google

Google London, England

Ashley McNamara ashleymcnamara
Software & Stuff @Microsoft @Azure ❤️ @google GDE Working with Go, Linux, & Web Things 👩‍💻 Previously @pivotal & @rackspace Always carpin' all them diems 💅🌈

Microsoft Seattle

Prateek Bhatnagar prateekbh
javascript enthusiast, matching every native interaction to web


Dmitry Rybin dmitrika

Russia, Rostov-on-Don

Christian Gill gillchristian
Open Source all the things \o/

@housinganywhere Rotterdam, Netherlands

Kamran Ahmed kamranahmedse
Lover of all things web and opensource. Coding and writing stuff for humans ™. Building @noonify

tajawal Dubai, UAE

Ahmad Alfy ahmadalfy
Front-end expert with a decade of experience of working inside the browsers.

@RobustaStudio Egypt

Sébastien Chopin Atinux
Creator of @nuxt & @mono-js ∙ Community partner of @vuejs


Gokulakrishnan Kalaikovan gokulkrishh
I ♥ Web / Web Developer / Google Developer Expert for Web Technologies

@thoughtworks Bangalore, India

Matt Gaunt gauntface
Currently @google supporting open source efforts.

Google USA

Brandon Dail aweary
front-end at @facebook. previously @FormidableLabs. I help maintain @reactjs and others. Composable and pure.

@facebook Seattle, WA

Harminder Virk thetutlage
Product engineer @aboutyou, Js lover , creator of indicative, lineup and adonis Find @


Jason Miller developit
Web DevRel at @google. Creator of Preact and other tiny libraries.

@google Cambridge, MA

Evan Tahler evantahler
Nerd. Future Late Night Talkshow host.

Voom Seattle, WA

Philip Walton philipwalton

Google San Francisco, CA

Ahmed Genaidy ahmedmigo
UX/UI Engineer and sketch plugin developer


Uri Goldshtein Urigo


Sahat Yalkabov sahat
Frontend Engineer at SIMON Markets LLC. Previously @bloomberg, @yahoo, @Zappos, @ContinuumIO.

SIMON Markets LLC New York, NY

Ilya Grigorik igrigorik
Web performance engineer at @google, co-chair of the @w3c Web Performance Working Group. In short, internet plumber.

Google San Francisco, CA

Johannes Schickling schickling
🚀 Co-founder & CEO of Prisma 🌍 GraphQL advocate 🙌 Cutting edge technology enthusiast

@prisma SF/Berlin

Frank de Jonge frankdejonge
Freelance Web-Software developer.

Frenky.Net Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hsiaoming Yang lepture

@hsiaoming Japan & China

Philo Hermans PhiloNL

@wonderkind Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elena Kolevska elena-kolevska

UmaHub Ericeira, Portugal

Luke Page lukeapage

@SaxoBank Copenhagen, Denmark

Mior Muhammad Zaki crynobone
I'm the CTO of @katsana and on my free time I spent developing on @orchestral and @laravie

KATSANA Advanced Telematic Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Simon Boudrias SBoudrias
Originally from Montréal (Bonjour!) - I mostly works on Yeoman and related Node tools

@appannie Beijing

Japh Japh
Director of Hosting at Human Made, cloud architect, developer, AWS, WordPress. Professional helper. Collector of interests. Japh rhymes with safe.

@humanmade Australia

Jeffrey Way JeffreyWay
Laracasts owner.

Laracasts Winter Park, FL

Zizaco Zizaco

@adeo Lille, France

Nick Williams WickyNilliams
(not actually a cat)

Wales, UK

Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Full-Time Open-Sourcerer ·· Maker ·· Into Swift and Node.js

ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎ʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̐̎̐ ˌ̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎ˌ̎ ˌ̎̐̎ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎̐ˌ̎̐̎̐ˌ̐̎̐̎ˌ̎̐̎ ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡʵ̎̐ˡ̐̎ʵ̎̐ˌ̎̎̎̐ʵ̎̐ʵ̐̎̐ˡˈ̎̐̎ ⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎸⎹⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎹⎸⎸⎸⎸⎸⎹⎹⎸⎸

Brady Holt bradymholt
Developer at @ynab, voider of warranties

@ynab Texas

Eugene Eugeny

Düsseldorf, DE

Julian Thilo juthilo

Münster, Germany

Chris Rebert cvrebert
@twbs Bootstrap Core Team member. Web browser hater. PLT enthusiast. Believer in infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform SF Bay Area, California, USA

fat fat

bumpers internet jail

Mark Otto mdo
Senior Director of Design at @github. Creator of Bootstrap (@twbs). Previously at Twitter. Huge nerd.

GitHub San Francisco, CA

Serkan Yerşen serkanyersen
Just a dev who does javascript things. San Mateo, CA

Addy Osmani addyosmani
Engineering Manager at Google working on Chrome & Web Platform

Google Mountain View, California

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