Crash when using 'Cut' #13

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Whenever I right click on a node such as a task/activity, and choose cut, I get the following crashing error:

Fatal application error: NPE
Version: 0.12, Build 019
Class: net.sf.timecult.ui.swt.SWTTimeLogTableView
Line: 372
The application will now exit.

In case it is important, I'm running on Linux using the method described here:

Any activity on this? I'd pay a bounty of $50 to get cut and paste working in TimeCult

I checked out master, and this no longer occurs. (There are a few faffs getting the project to build/package on Linux, due to the SWT lib, but it was pretty easy really given that I've never programmed in Java...)

I'm assuming this has been fixed somehow, certainly it's not an issue for me any more. Thanks.


dyadix commented Nov 13, 2012

I think I fixed it but don't remember at which point :-) Anyway, I'm glad it's solved now.

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