Linux Installation

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Initial requirements

  • JRE 1.6 or above (linux distros like Linux Mint have Open JDK installed by default, this should be sufficient).
  • Java wrappers:

sudo apt-get install java-wrappers

  • SWT library. It's not bundled with Linux version of TimeCult not to create a dependency of timecult-<..>.tar.gz on 32/64 OS versions. To install SWT on GTK-3-compatible environment you may need to run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install libswt-gtk-3-jni libswt-gtk-3-java

or for cairo library (instead of libswt-gtk-3-jni):

sudo apt-get install libswt-cairo-gtk-3-jni

Download and unpack TimeCult

Download timecult-<...>.tar.gz to bin directory and unpack its content using, for example, the following command: tar xvf timecult-<...>.tar.gz

First time run

  • Switch to TimeCult home directory, for example:

cd ~/bin/TimeCult-0.13

  • Invoke


Upon first start the script will create a desktop entry which can be found under Menu/Office (on Linux Mint). TimeCult can be start later using this entry.

This is it!