A heroku plugin to connect to your redis servers with a local redis-cli
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Seemed to have been abandoned by original author, I will try to maintain this in working condition

A heroku plugin to talk to your redis instances on heroku.



  • The heroku gem — gem install heroku

  • A local installation of redis (or at least the redis-cli utility) — apt-get install redis-server

To install:

  • heroku plugins:install https://github.com/dyashkir/heroku-redis-cli.git


  • heroku redis:info — get run-time statistics from your redis.

  • heroku redis:monitor — monitor commands being sent to your redis in real time.

  • heroku redis:cli — execute custom commands against redis.


Each command can take the heroku --app APPNAME parameter, and a --db REDIS_URL parameter (which defaults to REDISTOGO_URL) for selecting which redis to connect to.

For heroku redis:cli, you can run it in interactive mode:

heroku redis:cli

or specify a single command to run on the argument list:

heroku redis:cli get 10

or pipe a file of redis commands.

heroku redis:cli < script.redis

For any command can also specify any arguments that redis-cli expects. Where these conflict with information from the environment variable, the explicit options take precedence:

  • -h X — connect to redis on host named X.
  • -p X — connect to redis on port named X.
  • -a X — execute AUTH X after connecting.
  • -n X — execute SELECT X after connecting.
  • -r X cmd *args — repeat the following command X times.
  • -v — print out the version of redis-cli.


This is licensed under the MIT license, contributions welcome.