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Sonata, an elegant GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon

This is my personal repository for Sonata containing various fixes.

See the README.old for the official README of the project.

All the following fixes are available in the integration branch.


Currently, the following things have been changed since the Berlios's version:

  • GTK+'s StatusIcon is fully supported and should provide the same features as the old eggtrayicon module.

    eggtrayicon is still the 'preferred' way of displaying the status icon, if you have it installed, I suppose this is for good reasons. If you don't have it, Sonata will use the GTK+ StatusIcon and everything should be fine.

    This is the refactor-tray-icon branch.

  • it fixes some UI problems if Sonata tries to reconnect to MPD in some weird cases.

    I had the problem when MPD was brutally shut down and then relaunch, but I heard some users had the same problem in other cases as well, but bugs can be tricky to reproduce.

    This is the fix-ui-connection branch.

  • There is a whole set of patches I merged:

    • reindentation and PEP8-fication by Francois "Paco" Ribemont and Kirill "KL-7" Lashuk;
    • some UI fixes related to artists and lyrics and album info (Yann Boulanger);
    • Sonata only loads the latest version of each plugins;
    • lyricwiki fixes: etter parsing and presentation (Kirill Lashuk);
    • more items in the tray menu (Kirill Lashuk);
    • scrobble after seeking to the beginning (Kirill Lashuk);
    • improve handling of multi-CD albums: prevent multiple entries and improve art search (Kirill Lashuk);
    • better fullscreen support (Kirill Lashuk);
    • fixes weird show up if Sonata is not on the current workspace (Kirill Lashuk);
  • I refactored a bit how the lyricwiki plugin works to make it more readable and I fixed the following issues:

    • AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'startswith' when trying to search for lyrics;
    • retrieving lyrics from now works again

    This is the fix-fetch-lyrics branch.

  • Sonata can now by launched by a much proper script. There also a script to launch all the unit tests of Sonata (which is zero (well, one dummy test, to be sure it works)), but the infrastructure is there.

    This is the refactor-launcher branch.

  • "Daniel <>" added support to toggle fullscreen status from the command line.

  • Sonata now use the Python's logging module to log things instead of print/sys.std[out|err].write/custom thing, which should render things more uniform and customizable.

    This is the logging-support branch.

  • I refactored how the MPD object is accessed in the code: the MPD client is now a plain object with nice methods to access MPD functionality, which makes the code sightly better to read. There's still some (hard) work to do to provide a good looking and uniform access to the song's info (it's currently a gigantic mess).

    This is the cleanup-mpd-object branch.

  • Improved the packaging of the application: use pkg_resources to access data files, and stop doing so much work when running python ....

Personal todo list

Those are the things I want to work on (as far as I can remember):

  • remove Sugar support (what is the status of Sugar actually?);
  • contact the quodlibet team to externalize the mmkeys module;
  • externalisation of code:
    • remove the scrobbler implementation and use an external, dedicated module to hande protocol and add a dependency on it;
    • remove the lyrics modules and use an external, dedicated and well tested module to handle lyrics fetching, and add a dependency on it;
    • remove the covers module and use an external, dedicated and well tested module to handle covers fetching, and add a dependency on it;
  • remove eggtrayicon support (gtk.StatusIcon should be sufficient)
  • port to Python 3 and the new GIR modules
  • BIG code cleanup to simplify many things (remove useless variables/attributes/methods, simplify objects communication, etc. too long to list exhaustingly here I guess and quite subjective).
  • have a look at the performance/memory issues when using a "big" library: Sonata is supposed to be a lightweight music player.

Also, I should have a look there: