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Wrong/unoptimized HTML generation #22

rskumar opened this Issue October 01, 2012 · 1 comment

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Somehow the redactorjs is creating wrong and unpotimized html. I am unable to reproduce the same issue, but this is what I found.
I selected the text, click the Bold button, and when I checked the code, the structure was:
Some Text is placed here
while, the correct should be:
Some text is placed here

I remember, I clicked only one time on bold button.


Sorry, I didn't realized it will format my message (above)..
I actually got the result code like:

<b><b><b>Some Text</b> and some other text</b></b>

While, since I clicked on bold button only once, i expected the correct source to be:

<b>Some Text and some other text</b>
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