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@@ -55,12 +55,24 @@ Dydra, programming reference material, and a detailed API reference.
@node Introduction to Dydra
@chapter Introduction to Dydra
+This chapter provides you with a high-level overview of the Dydra web
+service, aiming to give you a good idea of what it offers, how it works, and
+how you can utilize it in your business.
@node Understanding Dydra
@chapter Understanding Dydra
+This chapter delves deeper into a number of key concepts that you should
+have an understanding of before moving on to subsequent chapters.
@node Developing with Dydra
@chapter Developing with Dydra
+This chapter explains how to use Dydra to store data for your application.
+It shows you how to execute API operations, how to authenticate those
+operations using your Dydra account credentials, and more concretely how
+to work with and query repositories.
@node API Reference
@chapter API Reference
@cindex API, reference
@@ -76,8 +88,8 @@ operation.
@chapter API Error Conditions
@cindex API, error codes
-This chapter describes the various error conditions raised by Dydra API
+This chapter describes the various error conditions that can be raised when
+performing Dydra API operations.
@include api/rpc/errors.texi

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