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How to Contact Dydra's Support Team

To contact Dydra's support team, use one of the following two methods:

  1. If possible, open a new ticket in our public issue tracker hosted at GitHub:

    To avoid duplicate tickets, please do make sure to have a look whether your issue might already have been reported by another user; in that case, do comment on the existing ticket so that we know how many users the ticket affects and can prioritize it accordingly.

    Please include in the ticket information sufficient to reproduce the problem in a concise context. The various tests in our repository indicate various ways to do this.

  2. Otherwise (for example, if any information relating to the issue is confidential), email us at

    Please make sure to clearly indicate your Dydra account and/or repository name.

PS. If this is your first time reporting a bug, please have a read for how to report bugs effectively.


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