really, really old project of mine with Java and IRC bots.
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# Circa September 2008

So, I've been working a lot with Java lately, and I've managed to pull together an IRC Bot to use. 

The usage is pretty easy:

[quote]IRCBot/dist$ java -jar IRCBot.jar botName chatRoom botOwner[/quote]

so if i were to run him in #enigmagroup on

[quote]IRCBot/dist$ java -jar IRCBot.jar JavaBot enigmagroup dydx[/quote]

his commands:

> !time  -- returns current date and time
> !join <channel>  -- he leaves the current channel and joins the one you say to go to
> !exit -- kinda obvious
> !yell <user> -- he yells at the user you specify
> !sayhi -- sort like a credits.

He also responds to questions that contain "how do i", "why", "what", and any string ending with a "?". He's very rude... but you can change his list of responses by editing the source and recompiling him.

He's very afraid of being stabbed, so if you mention stabbing he'll just about piss his pants

He also doesnt take shit from anyone, so watch out.

Easy as cake.

He's MIT Licensed, so you're free to modify or use the code any way you want to. 

This is still a work in progress, so i'll probably be releasing a few more updated versions later.