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Really old piece of code I had left over from a project involving md5 hash searching.

Uses a rather naive (but quick-feeling) FS approach.

The characters of a hash are broken out and a folder is created for each one, the next one nested within the first, and at the end is "plaintext.txt" that contains the plaintext of the hash in question.

Ex: 4 -> c -> b -> 9 -> c -> ... -> a -> plaintext.txt -> "changeme"

Very naive in nature and in implementation, and probably takes up way too much space given a large enough corpus of hashes.

➜  md5search git:(master) ✗ python
Please enter the path to a valid wordlist: '/home/dydx/Development/wordlist.txt'
Done creating filesystem.
➜  md5search git:(master) ✗ python
Enter md5 hash to find: '6c19750fcc35a202bdc5345746aa33b0'