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An open protocol for decentralized derivatives built on the Ethereum blockchain

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  1. liquidator liquidator Public archive

    DEPRECATED [:robot::moneybag: Bot to automatically liquidate dYdX accounts]

    TypeScript 474 170

  2. solo solo Public archive

    dYdX V2 Margin Trading Protocol

    TypeScript 419 149

  3. dydx-v3-python dydx-v3-python Public

    Python client for dYdX (API v3)

    Python 298 217

  4. protocol_v1 protocol_v1 Public archive

    [DEPRECATED] Solidity Smart Contracts for the dYdX V1 Margin Trading Protocol

    JavaScript 201 54

  5. perpetual perpetual Public archive

    Ethereum Smart Contracts and TypeScript library used for the dYdX Perpetual Contracts

    TypeScript 171 72

  6. v4-chain v4-chain Public

    Go 152 60


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